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Our higher prices stem from solving critical issues in dog breeding:

  1. Health: Extensive screenings ensure puppies are free from hereditary diseases, reducing medical costs for buyers.
  2. Temperament: Our breeding practices minimize behavioural problems, leading to better-behaved pets.
  3. Ethical Practices: We combat industry issues like overbreeding and inhumane conditions, contributing to healthier breeds and responsible breeding standards.
  4. Socialization and Training: Our puppies are well-prepared for family life, reducing the stress and effort of training for buyers.

Our pricing reflects the comprehensive solutions we provide, making us the best choice for those seeking top-quality dogs and a smooth buying experience.

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“I highly recommend Walk Inn Kennels. They purchased their first 2 dogs from us becoming one of the first from New Zealand to import bullies from Hawaii. They have top bloodlines and provide the best quality puppies with the best communication skills and care. If you’re looking for your next companion I would highly recommend Walk Inn Kennels.”
Paula Gushiken
Hawaii King Kennels
“It’s Micro Bully Australia here and as you know I’ve been a leader in the dog breeding industry for many years. In my time I’ve dealt with Walk Inn Kennels on several occasions and every time they have been amazing to deal with. They have the best bloodlines available in fact they have sourced some from myself. They always deliver on time, professionally and to the best of their ability. If I was in New Zealand I would be looking at Walk Inn Kennels for my puppy. Take it from me I recommend them to you. I may be in Australia but I do a lot of business with them and they are always great to deal with. Walk Inn Kennels has my ticket of approval.”
Tyronne Connelly
Microbully Australia

Puppy Packages


Premium Bulldog & Bully Puppies
For Dog Lovers
Bonus Welcome Package


Exclusive Bulldog & Bully Puppies
For Special Guests
Bonus Welcome Package


Exotic Bulldog & Bully Puppies
For Luxurious Individuals
Bonus Welcome Package

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I apply for a puppy?

You can apply for one of our puppies by visiting our website and filling out our online application form. We will review your application and contact you to discuss the adoption process.

When do I receive my puppy?

Puppies are typically rehomed at 8 weeks old, and you can expect to receive your puppy at this age.

How do your payment pans work?

We offer flexible weekly payment plans to make owning a puppy more accessible. Please contact us for details, as payment terms may vary based on the puppy’s price and individual circumstances.

What do I need to provide to apply for your payment plans?

To apply for our payment plans, we may require information such as proof of income, proof of address, a credit check, and a completed application form. The specific requirements will be discussed during the application process.

Are there any endorsements?

Our Premium package hold endorsements such as no breeding. However, our Exclusive and Exotic packages hold no endorsements allowing you to breed from our bloodlines as you wish.

What is the difference between a British Bulldog and an American Bully in terms of temperament and characteristics?

British Bulldogs are known for their docile and gentle nature, while American Bullies tend to be more energetic and outgoing. We can provide more detailed information on each breed’s characteristics upon request.

How do I choose the right breed between British Bulldogs and Amercian Bullies for my family or lifestyle?

Your choice should align with your family’s activity level and preferences. We can assist you in making an informed decision based on your lifestyle and needs.

What health considerations should I be aware of when purchasing a British Bulldog or American Bully puppy?

Both breeds can have specific health concerns. We ensure our puppies are well-cared for and provide information about potential health issues during the adoption process.

What is the average price range for British Bulldogs and American Bully puppies?

Prices can vary based on factors such as breed, lineage, and demand. Please contact us for the current price range of our puppies.

Are your puppies registered with any breed-specific organisations or clubs?

Yes, our puppies are typically registered with relevant breed-specific organizations or clubs. We can provide you with the registration details of our puppies.

What is the typical size and weight range for adult British Bulldogs and American Bullies?

British Bulldogs are generally smaller and weigh around 40 to 70 pounds, while American Bullies can be larger, weighing between 70 to 155 pounds. Keep in mind that individual variation exists.

Do you offer any health guarantees or warranties for the puppies you sell?

Yes, we offer health guarantees and warranties for our puppies. Details about these guarantees and warranties will be discussed during the adoption process.

What kind of support or resources do you provide to new puppy owners?

We offer support and resources to help you care for your new puppy, including guidance on training, feeding, sleeping, creating routines, and health. Our goal is to ensure you and your puppy have a successful and happy life together.

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