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Rome pictured with Rozay (left) and Smokey (right)

About Walk Inn Kennels

At Walk Inn Kennels, our journey is a harmonious blend of passion, artistry, and devotion to exceptional dog breeding. Led by CEO and Kiwi Artist, Rome Xvlll, who is soon to call Dubai home and whose heart remains deeply rooted in New Zealand. Born and raised amidst the captivating landscapes of this vibrant nation, Rome’s lifelong companions have been the four-legged wonders that grace our lives—dogs.

Our story began in 2020, a momentous year that marked the inception of our dream. With a canvas of experience painted by a life spent surrounded by dogs, Rome embarked on a mission to redefine dog breeding.

Our kennels proudly house a curated collection of XL, pocket, and exotic American Bullies, along with the rarest gems—the British Bulldogs. Rome’s artistic eye for detail and his genuine love for these breeds fuel our commitment to crafting not just dogs, but works of art. Every pup that graces our kennels carries the legacy of the finest bloodlines, meticulously chosen to ensure remarkable quality.

At Walk Inn Kennels, we invite you to step into our world—a world where passion and purpose converge to create companions that are not only dogs, but family members, confidantes, and cherished friends. As you explore our journey, know that each dog we raise carries a piece of our heart, and we can’t wait to share that piece with you.

Welcome to a realm where the finest breeds meet artistic endeavour, and where your search for the perfect furry addition finds its joyous end.

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